Dartmoor - Mark Ainsley

The wood sprite

Wistman's wood on Dartmoor is such an atmospheric location and very eerie.
It had seemed a straightforward walk when planning the route beforehand, but after 20 minutes of walking across the moor, a thick mist descended, I couldn't see anything on the horizon and I wasn't sure if I was still headed in the right direction.
Luckily a couple of hikers appeared in the distance and rather than ploughing on regardless, I waited for them by a stone wall, the hikers produced a map and confirmed my suspicions that I had veered slightly off course.
Upon reaching the woods the wind had picked up and it started to rain, and with another hikers warning that he had manged to trap his leg between the rocks, I was slightly on edge.
It didn't help that some kindly person had scared the life out of me by hanging a wind chime from the branches.
I knew beforehand that compositions would be hard to come by as the scene was so cluttered, so I had to work really hard to see through the chaos.

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